Skyla Wayrynen

Skyla. Artsy, right? As you can probably tell, an artist, who loved the sky, named me. Born into a family of artists, I have been surrounded since infancy by all kinds of artistic craft. I have gratefully been encouraged from the time I was in diapers to freely explore my creativity. In fact, I was the age of nine when I very confidently and ambitiously, completed my first self-portrait. This piece of art was the beginning of the journey that has brought me to where I am today- a 20 year old who lives and breathes art, beyond the canvas. That piece of work started something in me- a strong sense of determination. This has turned me into the very goal-driven person I am today. Starting simply, I painted florals and still life. I then began animals and human articulations before moving into landscapes. Now, as I experience change and growth in my own life, I am experimenting with abstracts. My weapon of choice is in this endeavor is the palate knife because I prefer the texture of the finished stroke.

Excelling in athletics, I have always had a strong desire to blend my artistic creativity and healthy/athletic lifestyle into something more meaningful. After attending Queens University for one year, I returned home to pursue my passion to become a holistic nutritionist, and continue my art.  I am now studying to become a certified Fitness Instructor with goals to combine fitness, nutrition, and art into a worldwide program for young adults.

Now lets dig deeper- where the blending of my 3 passions flourish. My personal fitness and nutrition education is part of a larger scale message of personal wellbeing that I strive to cultivate and share with people verbally and visually.  Educating on the power of thought and the importance of positivity and self-nurturing is what gives me purpose, and makes my heart pump.

We all have a vision of happiness in our minds- all individual to one another. It is my hopes to motivate and inspire others to find happiness through these 3 areas, while applying it all to the canvas.  Want to join in? Come explore with me.