This book was amazing. It really teaches as opposed to preaches. It gives plenty of action exercises for you to do right then and there - the trick is to actually get a piece of paper and do it. Anyways hope these notes entice you to read the whole thing!!

THE MAGIC OF THOUGHT - By Gary R. Robertson

This was a great book - simple to read, yet life altering concepts. Its all simple stuff… you just have to put the time and effort into doing it.

This was an extra special book because it had a note written from the author to my Grandpa;

“Lou - my thoughts to a smart guy - Gary Robertson” least thats what I think it says! Hard to read his writing… Grandma said he was a very nice man.

Anyways its important to be because gramps passed last year, and he was the one to get my mum into these books, then myself. He truly was an extraordinary person. I honestly strive to be like him in certain ways.


THE WAR OF ART - By Steven Pressfield

Short but sweet! It was clear and concise - straight to the point, but with humour and insightful stories.

It actually empowers me, I have a goal to write a book, but I procrastinate because of not having enough to write - but sometimes, and most of the time… Less is more.

Enjoy :) xo

FREEDOM TO BE - By Everett Shostrom, Ph.D.

To be honest this wasn’t my favourite book. It wasn’t one where I just wanted to keep reading, and never put down. But that may be because it had such interesting information it was a little difficult to read. Only when I was doing this review of my highlights did I realize that it was worth it. I got one good quote that I could remind myself throughout my entire life, and I was only until the last few pages.

I find this is why its important to read, and to highlight what you find is important! You never know when you’ll find that nugget of gold, and everyones may be different. But once you have it you have it forever, and I can always come back to this.

Take a look! Theres not too many in this one so it should be a quick read.


STRESS - By Walter McQuade & Ann Aikman

A few important highlights that I took away from this book. It wasn't just about how you create stress in your mind - but physical influences as well, this book was so informative!! Take a look over, it doesn't take long but it will change your life and how you live day to day with this knowledge.